Monday, July 30, 2012


During the trip to Europe my little sister let me know of a theme park in Paris which is based on the European comic series, Asterix. It surprised me to see that this place was real, cuz I don't believe I know of any other single comic series that's spawned an entire theme park. That's just amazing. I think the Asterix and Tin Tin books were the first comics I ever read. So going to the Asterix park was a real kickback of nostalgia. Aside from the fun I had in the rides I think what really topped it all off was that while at the park we ate at an all you can eat buffet, much like the end to everyone of the Gauls' adventures.
So I decided to make a weekly sketch Of Asterix, Obelix and Idefix riding one of Obelix'es Menhir rocks through the skies much in the same way ast the Dragonball villain Tao Pai pai does. Despite the simple coor palette this one did take me a good while to finish coloring, really shows I need to practice more.

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